Geothermal heating

Responsible progress - Green Hall 2 uses geothermal energy for heating, which meets 100 percent of the building's thermal energy demand.

Geothermal heating is recognized as the most environmentally-friendly way of heating. It has virtually no effect to the environment and minimizes the amount of CO2 gas emitted into the atmosphere. The heating quality coefficient of the next generation geothermal pumps used by Green Hall 2 reaches 98 percent. For comparison, the coefficient of the most efficient gas boilers is 97 percent.
But let's forget the numbers, as the most important thing is optimum operating temperature, which will always be 21 degrees, because the earth's energy is stable, unchanging and operating all year round. It ensures comfortable warmth in winter and refreshing coolness in summer. The operation of the system is ensured by 39 boreholes reaching 100 meters in depth, as well as 7 kilometres of pipelines.